Rugby League Beginner Tips

If you’re new to rugby league, don’t be put off by the toughness and speed of the game. There are plenty of ways you can protect yourself and have an enjoyable game. Here are some top tips for beginners:

Wear protection

When you’re ready to play the full contact game, make sure that you always wear the full range of protective gear available. You can choose from lightweight tops with removable padding, guards for your forearms, Achilles and calf protectors, bicep guards, mouthguards and headgear. Don’t worry about expense, you don’t need all of this kit to start playing, but make sure you have at the very least a mouthguard and headgear.

Make use of training drills

To get in super-fit condition for playing rugby, training drills provide great exercise for improving power, endurance and overall fitness. Activities that are useful include circuit training, shuttle-runs, long-distance running and some weight training for building bulk. For a thorough range of Rugby Drill Videos, visit

Kicking practice

In rugby, kicking is an essential skill, so you’ll want to practice the different kicks repeatedly until they become second nature. To avoid excessively wearing yourself out, practice kicks using an enclosure like a cage or net, so you don’t have to constantly retrieve the ball.

Catching practice

Training with friends or a fellow team-mate means you can practice both kicking and catching at the same time. It’s as simple as taking it in turns to kick and catch with a partner. You’ll also want to practice both short and long passes. You might want to incorporate spinning the ball into your training as well. It’s not essential in the game but does make the ball easier to catch and the ball will travel further.

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Choose a position that suits you

Whatever your strengths are, you can find a position that plays to that strength. Perhaps your strengths lie in speed, endurance or sheer power. For speedy players, the position of winger is likely to be the most appealing. If you’re a top catcher, then a scrum-half or full-back could be better suited to you. If power, stamina and a good tackle are your thing, try a forward role.

Committing to tackle

The key to effective tackling is confidence. If you’re going in for a tackle, then you must commit to it. Any lack of confidence or self-doubt is more likely to end in injury due to not using the best technique. For getting your technique right, practice on large bags as part of your training.

Try different forms of the game

If you’re still unsure that rugby is the game for you, then there are plenty of exciting alternatives you could try first. There are non-contact varieties such as Flag Rugby, Tag Rugby and Touch Football. These games are a great way to get introduced to rugby initially without the full physical contact.


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4 Pairs of Shorts That a Guy Should Own This Summer

4 Pairs of Shorts That a Guy Should Own This Summer


So officially, the summers have set in. And we are sure you must be searching your wardrobe for the best pair of summer shorts to make you feel cool and comfortable this summer season. Check it out of you have the jean shorts, cotton shorts, sports shorts, and so on. And if you think you are lacking the right collection of shorts in your wardrobe, then this is the right time to get them, folks.

You might think that wearing shorts is the easiest task in summers, but trust us it is not. This is because getting the right shorts for the right occasion is really difficult. Men generally do not pay much attention to the kind of shorts they are wearing when they go out. But this needs to change and for the good.

Here, in this article, we’ll discuss all the various types of shorts that a guy should have this summer and when to wear them.

  1. Board shorts

Wearing board shorts while you are roaming around in the city is something really not acceptable. They are to be worn when you are heading out for an adventure on a beach or you are planning to spend your time besides the pool. It is generally seen that men wear these shorts on their evening walks, but it is really bad to see that. Wear them at the right place and you’ll really rock the show. Just remember that there are a right place and right time to wear everything.

  1. Sports shorts

These are long wide shorts which you can see men wearing almost everywhere. You should keep in mind that they are sports shorts and have a specific usage. You don’t look good when you decide to wear them almost everywhere. They are meant to provide you comfort while you are playing a sport like basketball, volleyball, cricket, etc. It is generally seen that men wear these shorts on their evening walks, but it is really bad to see that. Wear them at the right place and you’ll really rock the show. Just remember that there are a right place and right time to wear everything.

  1. Tailored shorts

Every man should own a pair or two of them. These are the most versatile form of shorts worn by guys these days. They can actually be worn on a variety of different occasions whether it is going out for an evening walk or heading to a casual dinner, or for that matter just hanging out with the neighbors. It is a must-have for almost every season and summers are no exception. In summers you should choose tailored shorts made of cotton and such material which can help you feel cool and relaxed.

  1. Denim shorts

They are generally baggy and longer than the normal shorts. They are more of casual type and you’ll love wearing them in summers with the kind of comfort they give to you. You don’t look good when you decide to wear them almost everywhere. It is generally seen that men wear these shorts on their evening walks, but it is really bad to see that. Wear them at the right place and you’ll really rock the show. Just remember that there are a right place and right time to wear everything. Do not wear them while you are heading for the day’s game.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are some more types of the tennis shorts, cargo shorts, pleated shorts, short shorts, etc. You can get hold of them as per your needs and requirements.