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AXBIIIA (Alpha Elite Black): An enhancement to the previous Alpha Elite model and the world’s lightest-weight Level IIIA package at79 psf. It would be tragic if the GAO, after nearly two years of investigation, and having been frustrated in its efforts to oversee the testing of all body armor systems, failed to take benefit of the enormous volume of data gathered by the Armed Forces Healthcare Examiner Service with respect to the overall performance of Interceptor body armor in the field.

Point Blank is proud to be the industry’s leading innovator of new products and styles engineered to maximize comfort and ballistic protection. A absolutely free exchange of their present vest for one of four other vests manufactured by Point Blank Body Armor. The report will virtually assuredly not be kind to the military’s regular-issue Interceptor body armor system, a technique that uses fragile ceramic plates backed by layers of nylon cloth to stop bullets. Nonetheless, 1 major area of comfort and wearability has remained just about ignored—the oft-overlooked carrier.

As an alternative, the ballistic panels remain precisely exactly where the carrier is, and the carrier is held in location each by physique fit (contour) and by various elastic straps. And do not neglect that in 2005, the Marine Corps Instances published an report that exposed the sale and subsequent recall of much more than 23,000 defective vests (PDF file) manufactured by DHB Industries – vests that had been issued to Marines even although DHB and the Pentagon knew they had been defective.

As portion of U.S. President George W. Bush ‘s $87 billion package for ongoing operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, $300 million was earmarked for body armor. The Interceptor armor also has a PALS webbing grid on the front of the vest which accommodate the very same form of pockets utilised in the Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment ( MOLLE ) backpack/carry vest technique. The significant, who has two enlisted sons, mentioned that the ceramic plates issued to Army and Marine Corps personnel do not give enough protection against close enemy fire. Ballistic panels continue to grow to be thinner and additional versatile, creating soft physique armor much more comfortable to put on.

The following year-and-a-half was filled with accusations of unfair testing, with subterfuge and with hyperbole, as many factions argued that their position was right and that their physique armor was the greatest. The anti-microbial mesh acts as a cooling spacer, to both wick away moisture and vent air between the body and the carrier. The entire front of the Alpha Elite Series carrier is covered with a soft, Velcro® brand loop fastener.

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